Hi, I'm Katie.

Front-end Developer, trail walker, coffee guzzler and potted plant parent

New to the world of coding but, with a keenness to learn and an uncontrollable need to fix things, I'm jumping in feet first.
My background in project management consists of reactive roles and agile environments with a ton of spreadsheet tracking - spreadsheets are what triggered my curiosity for coding (yes, I'm one of those Excel loving nerds… 🤓) and the magic that formulas can do. This witchcraft quickly turned my interest into obsession when I discovered the wizardry you're able to create with code, and so I recently invested in workshops with SheCodes and have attained all available verified certificates as of June 2023 (see below). Now a SheCodes graduate, I'm excited to utilise, and build on, my new skills with further learning and more fun projects.

Tools and Technologies

Tools: VS Code, Nova, MacOS, GitHub.
Technologies: React.js, Bootstrap, Responsive development.